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Currency Bidding on the Internet

  • Track&Price has now incorporated the Internet within the program
  • You can go to any auction site and bid exactly as you would with Internet Explorer or Firefox
  • You now have all the information you need to place bids;
  • You can filter the Auction Results to display just the Grade you are interested in.
  • You can filter the Auction Results to display only the Grading Service of interest
  • Track&Price in most cases can read the auction lot title and automatically retrieve the Auction Results for the appropriate Friedberg Number or Charter Number.
  • You can add informaton to access any auction house on the Internet.

Bidding Screen View 1
(click image to expand)

  • Allows you to place Bids on any auction site on the Internet within Track&Price
  • Shows Auction Results that are identical to the Coin Master Auction Results
  • View 1 shows the screen before you select a website where you want to bid
  • To select an auction website you click on the Website button on the left

Bidding Screen View 2
       (click image to expand)

  • After selecting the website (in this case Heritage) you can manuver to the auction lots you are interest in exactly as if you were on the Internet. Actually you are on the Internet.
  • In most case Track&Price can figure out which T&P data you want to see.
  • To bring up the relevant data you click the green Get Data button on the left


Bidding Screen View 3
       (click image to expand)

  • After clicking the green Get Data button you now have the pertinent data at your fingertips to knowledgably bid
  • To flip back to see the full screen of T&P data you click on the Auction Results button on the left
  • To redisplay the Internet you click on he Bidding button on the next.
  • The following screen shows the screen after clicking the Auction Results button

Bidding Screen View 4
             (click image to expand)

  • You can now flip back and forth between T&P data and the Internet by clicking the Auction Result and Biddiing buttons.

Bidding Screen View 5
       (click image to expand)

  • Since the note in this example is a Very Good (VG-8) you can click on the grade field at the bottom of the screen and select grade 8.
  • Now only Auction Results for this grade for this grade will be displayed

You now have all the information at your fingertips to bid intelligently





"This is the best program I've used yet to quickly pull up notes, make changes and get reports. "
-L.R. Chicago, IL

“Track & Price is so flexible and intuitive, anyone can use it.”


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