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TRACK&PRICE for U.S. Fractionals

  • The Most comprehensive data for all Fractional Notes
  • Fractional Census data - over 32,000 notes
  • Up-to-date Auction Results and Select Dealer Prices
  • Over 40,000 Auction Results
  • Create and maintain your personal Currency Inventory
  • Enter a Friedberg or Milton Number and immediately see all its auction results data including Number Known
  • Easy to follow Tutorial to learn the system
  • Find capability to easily locate any note quickly
  • Help information for every field in the system

Fractionals Master Summary View
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  • Display Regular, Specimen and Experimental notes by Freidberg number
  • Display Fractional notes by Milton number
  • Find a Fractional note quickly with the Search feature


Fractionals Auction Results
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  • Displays detailed information for a Friedberg or Milton number
  • Top part of screen displays Friedberg or Milton number, Denomination, Note Type, Total Regular and Sheets Known
  • Bottom part of screen shows Auction Results
  • Pink buttons at right allow you to view Auction Results in multiple ways


"This is the easiest software and the most complete data for currency that I have ever used. It is a joy!"
-P.M. Kansas City, MO

“Track & Price is so flexible and intuitive, anyone can use it.”

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