Track & Price - Auction Results, Census, Pricing & Inventory Software

T & P Large Size

  • The Most comprehensive data for all United States Nationals
  • Price and valuation info for ALL 12, 635 National Banks that issued currency
  • Large Size Census data - over 230,000 notes
  • Up-to-date Auction Results and Select Dealer Prices
  • Over 325,000 Auction Results
  • Create and maintain your personal Currency Inventory
  • Enter a Friedberg Number and immediately see all its auction results and census data
  • Over 40 infomation fields for each record
  • Simply export information to Excel
  • Keep images for each of your inventory's item
  • Easy to follow Tutorial to learn the system
  • Find capability to easily locate any note quickly
  • Help information for every field in the system

Large Size Type Notes Summary View
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  • Display all or selected Friedberg numbers
  • Select Start Notes only for all or selected Friedburg numbers
  • Find a specific Friedburg number quickly with the Search feature

Large Size Detail View - Auction Results
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  • Displays detailed information for a Friedberg number
  • Top part of screen displays Friedberg number, Denomination, Note Type, Total Regular, Star
    and Sheets Known
  • Pink area displays Auction Results detailed data
  • Pink buttons at right allow you to view Auction Results in "slice and dice" the data


"This is the best program I've used yet to quickly pull up notes, make changes and get reports. "
-L.R. Chicago, IL

“Track & Price is so flexible and intuitive, anyone can use it.”


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