Track & Price - Auction Results, Census, Pricing & Inventory Software

Q. I collect currency, What is available from Track & Price?

A. Track & Price has five available software packages for currency

  •     1. U.S. Nationals
  •     2. U.S. Large Size Type notes
  •     3. U.S. Small Size Type notes
  •     4. U.S. Fractionals
  •     5. U.S. Colonials

Q. What makes Track & Price Currency software stand out?

A. Track & Price Currency software has the largest known Auction Results and Census data available in one software package.

You can analyze past auction results for a Friedberg Number or Charter Number to intelligently bid in auctions or when buying or selling a note.

Q. What can I do with Track & Price Currency software?

A. You can check the pedigree of a particular note (check previous auction occurrences of a note based) , and see what it sold for in the past as well as the grade, who it was graded by, Thus preventing you from paying to much money for a particular note.

Q. I'm not sure if Track & Price is for me Can I try it?

A. Yes you can, all Track & Price software comes with a 30 day free trial period.

Q. Does Track & Price get updated?

A. Yes, Data is constantly being collected and entered into the Track & Price systems. Updates are released at a minimum of 4 times a year, typically every 3 months. This is inclued in your annual subscription.





“Track & Price is so flexible and intuitive, anyone can use it.”

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